FOLKADU Hebrew & Jewish Music


On behalf of the Jewish Community Mannheim and its cooperation partners, I would like to thank you and your colleagues from the Ensemble Folkadu for your concert at the Jewish Culture Days Mannheim (Thursday, 14.10.2021). The numerous audience very much enjoyed your beautiful music and in addition your easy-going way of presenting the program in an interesting way. We received several exclusively positive messages from our audience immediately after the concert.  We are very happy to have chosen your concert and would like to invite you again.

Amnon Seeling, Cantor and Community Advisor of the Jewish Community Mannheim

"Folkadu gave a grand performance at our museum as part of 'Jewish Culture Now! Culture Days at the Jewish Museum Westphalia" in August 2021. The singer and trumpeter Yael Gat, accompanied by Pier Paolo Bertoli on accordion and Doron Furman on oud, gave our museum a performance that we will not soon forget. Traditional Yiddish melodies, Israeli songs, even a hit song that Rudi Carrell once sang, are part of their repertoire, but not as we know them. Folkadu combines jazzy sounds with oriental riffs and playfully alternates vocals with trumpet or shofar. In doing so, the band reinterprets the familiar and sounds sometimes jaunty, then melancholy and soon after cheerful again. The songs are commented on with wit and intelligence and performed with great commitment - a musical journey on which the audience is happy to be carried along."

Dr. Kathrin Pieren, Museum Director, Jewish Museum Westphalia

"Thank you again for your musical arrangement of our closing ceremony of the Week of Brotherhood 2018 in the Old Town Hall of the City of Munich! You have given our festive event a wonderful musical framework and enriched it very much. Your touching singing reached the hearts and was praised by our guests in the same way as your great trumpet playing and profound accompaniment with the accordion! With best wishes for your further musical work!"

Church Councilor Reiner Schübel, Protestant Chairman of the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation in Munich

"On 24.3.2019 the duo Folkadu performed in the synagogue of the Jewish Community of Oldenburg. The synagogue was packed with 80-90 visitors from our community and from the city of Oldenburg. Within a few minutes of the beginning of the concert, a connection was formed between the musicians and the audience. After the concert, the visitors were enthusiastic.The musicians also visibly enjoyed playing together. The alternation of beautiful trumpet playing, singing, accordion and drums and the different musical styles made it a very lively concert, which we still remember with great pleasure. From the organizational point of view, we can add that the cooperation with the Duo Folkadu was very straightforward. Since not many technical resources are needed, the duo can really perform anywhere, which is especially important for smaller communities. Finally, they are just very nice people, which certainly contributed to the positive atmosphere."

Sylvia Stawski, Cultural Committee Jewish Community of Oldenburg

"I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback about the performance of Folkadu in our series "Wort & KlangZeit". The high level of musicality of the musicians, combined with their closeness to the audience, is rarely experienced in this form. The selected pieces offered a wide range of emotions and made for an intense concert evening. We hope to hear it again."

Gerlinde Leib, 1. chairman of the Protestant Church Music Association in Gauting